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Since 1996 I have created over 100 paintings. During this time I have tried different styles and techniques. These include landscapes, wildlife, portrait, mixed media, and abstract. I paint with the "wet-on-wet" technique as there is no drying time in between all stages of the painting.
On average it takes anywhere from 1 hour to 18 hours to paint a painting (depending on canvas size). Once I start a painting I continue until it is finished which sometimes means a 24 hour marathon. If I know that a painting cannot be completed in less than 24 hours (such as portraits, wildlife and very large landscapes)I will paint over a few days. Most of my landscape paintings have been painted from a virtual mind picture, but recently I have started painting from pictures to reproduce memorable places on canvas.
Photography is another way of expression and capturing moments that will pass into history. I take pride in taking photos that will bring out the best in a subject. Taking photos of people, nature, architecture, and close ups of objects has always been a great passion. I never leave the house without a camera.
What's the best thing than combining two things that you love? Travel and photography go hand in hand. Please check the Travel section for pictures and details of my trips.

Cayo Guillermo, Cuba - June 26 - July 11, 2010
Cayo Coco, Cuba - January 7 - 14, 2012


Countries that I still want to visit:
South and North India
Scotland and Ireland
South Africa
Namibia, Tanzania...
...too many places to list

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