May 16, 2009 - May 24, 2009

Germany - May 17, 2009

The trip to Germany was a last minute decision. Well not so last minute as it was planned about two months before I knew I wanted to go there. Unlike some of the other countries I have visited, Germany is not one that I like. Don't get me wrong, the people are nice and the ice cream is great (not a fan of German food).
I stayed over with my uncle and aunt (and my two cousins) who also live with my aunt's parents. The house was designed by my uncle so that they have their separate spaces to live. It's definitely a nice family setting, but it is definitely a way you would have to get used to living. I could not imagine living in the same house with my parents in law (no offense).
They also live in a little village with practically nothing exciting to do. I felt like a caged animal since I could not just pick up and go anywhere I wanted. If they at least lived close to a train station I could go explore, but nonetheless I made do with what I had there. So on the first day there we went to a park close to the house (driving close).

I found beetles on the ground walking, had to be careful where I stepped.

After some lunch we went to Ebstorf on the way to Luneburg.

Luneburg is definitely one of my favourite cities in that area. Very old and typical German.

Because the bricks were joined with lime stone the structures start to lean over time.

No cars allowed!

Mini pansies in a flower pot.

Basement at the St. Nicolas Church.

Interior of the church.

More photos from around Luneburg and some close-ups of details in buildings.

Poland - May 18, 2009

My uncle took the mobile home to Poland. Definitely not a fan of the mobile homes. They do have some benefits, but I find that they restrict your movement as compared to a car which is more swift and you can basically park it anywhere. Mobiles are also restricted to as far as the road allows them to go and therefore you cannot explore other continents. I think that unless you plan to spend a great deal in the mobile (3-5 months) then it is just not cost efective to justify it for 6-7 short trips per year. OK enough talking bad about mobiles.
On this day we went to Poland to pick up my grandmother. It was nice going to see and surprise my family. No one had any idea I was coming as I was supposed to only be in Germany. Ha! I love surprising people. The only downside was that I was only there for a full day not counting the day that we came in late.

What I liked about German roads were the bike paths most roads had away from the street. Even some of the busier country roads had them. I think we need something like this here.

Viking village reconstructed where every year a lot of people gather for the Viking fights. Every year this even gets bigger and more huts are added to the village.

Rotating bridge over River Dziwna (Strange River). It is also a bridge on the way to Reclaw village from Wolin City.

Family farm.

Poland - May 19, 2009

Beach in Miedzyzdroje. We went to the Baltic Sea for some ice cream and a nice fresh fish meal. I also visited my friend who works at the Amber Hotel.

Drum made out of cow hide.

Pictures from inside the Viking village.

Germany and Denmark - May 20, 2009

A day filled with more driving in the mobile, but this time a little more fun as my grandma was there so had a variety of topics to talk about. Also eat ice cream on the way!

A lot of wind turbines contruction in Germany. Wherever I looked we were passing wind farms. By 2010 Germany wants to be nuclear power free. There are already cities in Germany that exclusively run on solar and wind.

As we were nearing the Germany to Denmark ferry I noticed a large group of kiteboarders. I really wanted us to make a detour to go watch them. That's when I wished I brought my kiteboarding gear with me. Too bad...

Belly of the ferry to Denmark. The ticket was about 125 Euro for the mobile.

Denmark has some really huge pigeons. These were about 2-3 times the size of the regular pigeons that you normally find in cities.

Denmark - May 21, 2009

To be more exact we were in Copenhagen City.

Definitely a beautiful city, but also a very expensive one to live in. When we went for lunch we ordered 4 appetizer sized dishes and three waters. When I came back to Canada and looked at my Visa statement I realized that it was a lot of money. It was about $65 and the amount of food we got was enough for two. I'm sure you can find places that are cheaper. I could not imagine living there and eating as a student. No wonder it is on the top 10 list of most expensive cities to live in.

St. Alban's Anglican Church.

The Little Mermaid was made by Edvard Erichsen and it was a present to the city from The Calsberg Breweries in 1913.

Water moat around a fort which is attached to St. Alban's Anglican Church.

Building of the fort.

Frederik's Church also known as the Marmorkirken (the Marble Church)

Amalienborg Palace.

The Royal Guard. We were lucky enough to be there during the changing of the guard.

Coffee Shop on wheels!

Buildings like this one reminded me of Vikings for some reason.

Inisde a tunnel which leads to Sweeden. My uncle decided he wanted to see the tunnel and bridge since he's never been since it was made. If we wanted to stay in Sweeden we would have to pay 75 Euro one way to cross the bridge, but because we told them that we made a "wrong turn" we wre given 15 minutes to turn around back to Denmark. Lucky us!

Wind farm on water. The repair person must drive a boat!

Coming back from Sweeden it was interesting to see where the bridge turns into a tunnel. It was as if the road went into water.

A lot of companies have very colourful trucks. Definitely nice to look at. I took this picture on the ferry back to Germany.

Germany - May 22, 2009

Uelzen train station.

A lot of homes and business have solar power panels on their roofs.

Restaurant by the river in Uelzen.

Path along the river.

Rhododendrons flowereing.

After we came back from Uelzen I decided to go for a walk. Took a picture of the storm coming and went back into the house in time. The rain started pouring about 5 minutes after I walked into the house.

Celle, Germany - May 23, 2009

Celle has a very unique collection of very old houses that get bigger as you look up.

Half a house or did they run out of land?

Pretzels yummy!

Celle Castle.

Main square in Celle.

At the end of touring the city we went for some cappuccino and ice cream.


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