February 9, 2007 - February 16, 2007

A crack in the rock

Crystal clear

Another shot of the water and lava rock

Amazing contrast between the orange earth and ocean

Chasing lizards

Palm tree at the hotel

Going for the fish

A stormy evening

Beached jelly creature

Interesting looking fruit

Flowering banana tree

Germinating coconut seed

View from the hotel room

On the way to Havana - view of Cuban hills

Another view of the hills

A shot towards the ocean

Havana's appartments - in front of the Government building

Down town Havana

Downtown Havana

Bar at the Havana Club Rum Museum

Female Peacock


More architechture shots

Male peacock in a store

His beautiful tail feathers

Renovated area of Havana - Renovations are currently (2007) done due to the tourist industry.

An evening shot - end of the Havana tour

A naked tree...where are the leaves?

Spiders like photos too...

A nice texture of the palm tree

Sun rays trying to get through

Found another lizard, can't hide from me.

Last day - windy, cloudy and cold.


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